legal consultants



The laws, legal rights, and duties of individuals, groups, organizations, and the institutions in the states of the Middle East are evolving rapidly commensurate with global changes and development on the basis of traditional Islamic and Shari'a as well as Western sources. To make Fahad Al-Tamimi law firm successful and result oriented we have learned and experienced legal professionals and lawyers of different specialization familiar with and well connected to both local as well as Western communities. Some of our attorneys are holding PHDs on different specialized topics of law. These legal consultants of diverse fields require an hour to solve the legal problems arising due to the influence of globalization and modern changes in the Gulf countries. For example:

legal consultants
  • Family Lawyer,
  • Divorce Lawyer/Attorney in KSA,
  • Civil Lawyer,
  • Criminal Lawyer,
  • Accidental Lawyer
  • Personal Injury Lawyer in Saudi Arabia,
  • Online Legal Adviser/ Counsellor,
  • Business Lawyer,
  • Contract Lawyer,
  • Real Estate Lawyer,
  • Corporate Lawyer,
  • Employment Lawyer,
  • Wrongful Termination Lawyer
  • Copyright Lawyer,
  • Immigration Lawyer,
  • International Lawyer/Attorney, etc.