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Fahad Al-Tamimi, the most trusted Saudi Arabia law firm, provides Saudi lawyers and legal consultants known for their excellence in legal services.
Fahad Al-Tamimi, a top law firm in Saudi Arabia, is a legal consultancy under license No.: 3574, issued by the Ministry of Justice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of top Gulf law consultancies which has the most reliable Saudi lawyers. They help our clients grow, innovate and thrive in their lives and business by following the right lawful means in all legal cases or disputes .

Legal Consultants
In a short period, we have built a reputation among clients as the best law firms in Saudi Arabia for our expertise, right legal advice, specialized solutions, and result-oriented legal initiative. Our Saudi lawyers and legal counselors find the most relevant and highly tailored solutions to our clients’ composite legal challenges.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by following new leaders’ vision of developmental policies in all walks of life, the legal, regulatory and business environment are changing with the change of time. As a result Fahad Al-Tamimi law firm in Saudi Arabia is determined to become the most trusted and reliable law firm in KSA and help our clients embrace legal changes and stay ahead in their business as well as personal and family life.


Justice is based on cooperation and coordination of three components of the judicial system in KSA and many Arab countries, such as the judiciary, lawyers, and members of investigation and general prosecution authority. And therefore, it requires complete cooperation and harmony between them to achieve justice that forms the most significant issue for the judiciary system as a whole for a peaceful existence, working, and development of individual and all communities in the society.

Our vision is to be legally expert, able, and known for getting justice to all our clients without differentiating among them on the basis of poor, rich, big, small, renowned, little known, workers, employers, individual, group, etc. Thus, we have set our vision on the following parameters:

  • To be the leading, trusted, and reliable law firm in the KSA and the Middle East by excelling for our clients’ results at every level of our expertise and efforts.
  • To serve as the Saudi’s legal consultant leader in the field of law practicing firm in all categories of laws including employment and labor law.
  • We strive to set the standard for excellence in the field of general law, marital, and family law.
  • To counsel for client's business’s legal needs in every field and trades.


Our mission helps us to determine Al-Tamimi law & legal consultancy’s direction in relation to its vision set before. Our law firm’s mission has three components: objective, service to clients, and values in law practice.

Objective of Firm

The objective or purpose is the core component of our law firm’s mission. It reflects on the reasons why we created our law firm. It motivates and inspires our team of learned lawyers and legal consultants every moment of their efforts to serve and accomplish for clients who trust us blindly. Here are a few of our firm’s objectives given below:

  • To help families overcome their differences and put their lives back on track in domestic relations.
  • To empower our clients and help them settled disputes and rebuild their relationship in an employer-employee case.
  • To help our clients’ dream of running a business as per the legal code of conduct coined by the Ministry of Commerce in the KSA and the Middle East.
  • To provide services of high standards efficiency in terms of time effort and immediate response to clients and serving their best interest with credibility.
  • Help clients achieve peace of mind in trying times.

The firm’s objectives and goal strengthen the passions of our lawyers and legal counselors for the truthful practice of law and remind them of why they’re doing it i.e. the most favorite worship to Allah.

Unique Features of Firm’s Services

The second most important component of our mission is the firm’s service to clients at every moment of their need. We always kept the question in mind during working on a legal solution while serving our clients, “What does our law firm do that is different or better to other legal consultancies in Saudi Arabia?” It is the core feature of the kind of legal services we try to provide and the clients we want to serve. It conveys what makes our service different from others by describing the quality and unique features of our law firm’s business module. Some of the features are:

  • We deliver highly-skilled, effective, and innovative legal representation to our clients’ cases on time and at a reasonable service cost.
  • We deliver customized, creative, and effective solutions to every nature of legal cases that need any expertise and devotion.
  • We are committed to delivering top-notch traditional and non-traditional legal services tailored to clients of all financial worth and ability to pay.
  • We work relentlessly to plead clients’ cases with innovative solutions before a judge in a court of justice through our learned lawyers who are thought leaders at the forefront of debates on legislative and regulatory changes made in the legal system of the country.
  • We are responsive and proactive in understanding our clients’ needs to provide sound, safe and pragmatic advice in making possible their business fulfillment legally.

Firm’s Values

The third component of the mission is the firm’s values. It is based on the question, “How does our law firm practice legal services?” It is the values that define our firm’s reputation, culture, and work ethic. Our values include integrity, transparency, service, excellence, teamwork, innovation, respect, communication, diversity, preparation, empathy, persistence, etc. Our law firm derives its guiding principles from the values we work on. These values guide our practicing lawyers in the day-to-day operation and management of the firm. Some of the firm’s sample values are:
  • We work with honesty, integrity, and take responsibility for clients’ faith in our legal service as critical and elemental parts of our success.
  • We take our time to listen to and understand our clients’ concerns and customize a solution that directly responds to their individual needs.
  • We believe in the modern network of communication to build relationships, break isolation, and connect across learned teams of lawyers to find the right solution of cases and provide continuous legal service across Saudi Arabia to secure client’s success.
  • We use technological innovation to improve the quality of our client services and reduce our legal costs.
  • We believe in the diverse opinion of our people, practicing lawyers, and partners to get legal solutions as important as what we achieve as the final result for any case.
  • Our specialized lawyers and legal counselors are stimulated to draw inspiration from each other, our trusted beliefs, analytical legal approach, and then cultivate our intuition to connect the dots for a valid result.
  • We take on an international outlook to collaborate with the most specialized law firms and legal consultants globally on multi-jurisdictional assignments, ensuring the quality of the result, delivery on time, and efficiency in our legal services.
  • We believe in creating and maintaining a positive, healthy, and safe environment for our clients and employees.

Our mission along with objective, unique service, and values define who we are and are fundamental to our success. We expect our legal counselors to personify, live, and reflect our values through excellence, responsiveness, innovation, and collaboration every day in their professional activities. Thus our mission, combined with objective and values, guides our actions.